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Competitor Brand Terms

The Temptation of Bidding on Another Company’s Brand Terms in Google Is it wise to bid on a competitor’s brand keywords in Google Ads? For anyone with experience utilizing strategy, it can feel a bit like taking a blow torch to your money when done poorly. But it’s hard to blame anyone for coming to[…]

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GA4 Webinar: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Your current Google Analytics is going away – but don’t fret, GA4 experts from Granular hosted a webinar to share all of the relevant information you need to know about the switch from Google Analytics to GA4. Check out the webinar below, followed by more in-depth information on key slides and helpful resources. If you[…]

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View Competitor Google Ads

See Competing Google Ads For Free

A Quick Overview: JUMP TO DETAILED STEPS Good to know: Countless hours have been spent by marketers and business owners across the world trying to figure out how to see the digital ads their competitors are running. When it comes to seeing ads in the Google Ads ecosystem, users have had to rely on 3rd[…]

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PPC Agency's role duringn pandemic-3 Thoughts

What is a PPC Agency’s Role During a Pandemic? Three Thoughts.

“What is our competition doing right now?” “We don’t want to come off as tone-deaf or insensitive with our ads.” “We don’t want sales to tank, but orders are down due to COVID-19. I don’t think pausing all ads is the right thing to do, but we can’t keep spending what we were. What do[…]

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Growth Hackathon Event Announcement

The Growth Hackathon is a one day workshop for high-potential, entrepreneurial-minded individuals to turn their startup idea into a business with measurable traction by the end of the day. There are great startup ideas, but many fail to get the awareness and volume of customer feedback required to move from the idea stage to a[…]

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