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Use Google Trusted Store as an AdWords Review

Are you an eCommerce business owner or have a PPC client that is a Google Trusted Store? You can now add the benefit of being a trusted store to your Review Extensions in AdWords! More ad real estate is ALWAYS a good thing; Google knows it, good PPC managers know it, now you know it.[…]

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Use Internal Site Search Data to Improve Your PPC Marketing

The internal search box on your website is an opportunity for you to learn about the people who use your website and what they search for. The data you obtain from your internal search analytics is an amazing resource that tells you what your visitors cannot find on your site. There is also the opportunity[…]

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First 4 Areas to Look At When Seeing Performance Declines in AdWords

Whenever accounts see negative shifts in conversion volume over a period of time, or an increase in CPLs it becomes panic time for many. But as online advertisers, a lot of the time, the answers are right in front of us as to why the decline is occurring. There are a lot of things that[…]

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Metrics on Supermetrics

Combining Google Sheets Add-Ons for Optimal Budgeting

Within Google Sheets there are tools that are really rarely used despite the power behind them. You can find these tools in Add-ons. There is a plethora of them available, but the one I use the most is the Supermetrics add-on. Supermetrics has the capabilities to bring data in from all platforms, and from there[…]

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jd prater adstage

In-House PPC Blog Series: JD Prater from

A few months ago the CEO of an ad tech startup reached out and presented me with an opportunity to lead their user acquisition and growth marketing efforts. I decided to trust my gut and accept the in-house role at AdStage as their Head of User Acquisition and Growth. Leaving agency life behind was tough.[…]

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catwoman facebook

2 Tips to Avoid the Set It and Forget It Facebook Mentality

Facebook is a great advertising tool. The ads have the ability to be visually stunning, it provides a fabulous space to let your brand’s personality really shine, and the targeting is so intense that I often think of Facebook as the CIA of the internet. Facebook also has the wonderful capability of doing EXACTLY what[…]

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michael henderson suretybonds

In-House PPC Blog Series: Michael Henderson from

Hey! I’m Mike Henderson, Digital Marketing Director at where I manage our paid search and other online marketing initiatives. I started at in October 2013. Prior to coming on, I was fresh out of college working at a small ad agency. I was hesitant to make the move to in-house, but like most[…]

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duane brown from unbounce

In-House PPC Blog Series: Duane Brown from Unbounce

In-house life… What’s the deal Duane? I used to work freelance and agency life for a number of years. The reasons I love working in-house boil down to 6 key areas from startups to growing businesses. Time Ideas Training Business Veto Tracking But let me expand on each one and tell you why I love[…]

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In-House PPC Blog Series: Brooke Townsend from Invitations by Dawn

Hi Everyone! I’m Brooke Townsend, and I’m what I like to call myself a “marketing minority.” I have been working as an in-house PPC Manager for Invitations by Dawn for about 3.5 years, and have loved (almost) every minute of it. Invitations by Dawn is an e-commerce wedding invitations and stationery company. Putting e-commerce and[…]

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