Grant Nelson

Senior Digital Strategist

Grant Nelson - Granular Sr. Digital Strategist, black and white headshot
Grant Nelson's official headshot | Source: Granular

Use Google Trusted Store as an AdWords Review

Are you an eCommerce business owner or have a PPC client that is a Google Trusted Store? You can now add the benefit of being a trusted store to your Review Extensions in AdWords! More ad real estate is ALWAYS a good thing; Google knows it, good PPC managers know it, now you know it.[…]

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The Digital Marketing Revolution: How AI is Changing the Game

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing cannot be understated. From marketing data analysis to personalized content recommendations, AI is reshaping how businesses connect with their audiences and drive growth. AI Webinar Topics Listeners to this webinar will: This is a fantastic opportunity to stay ahead of the[…]

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Webinar | ‘Tis the Season to be PPC Planning for the Holidays

It may only be August and currently in the triple digits here in Milwaukee, but it’s that time of the year to dive into digital media planning for the holidays (Q4) and start looking into 2024. To help get you started Granular’s founder and CEO, Jordon Meyer alongside President, Steve Kroll tap into their 25+[…]

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Waze Advertising: The Eulogy

Updated: June 30, 2023 It will be missed… If your business was in the right category (gas station, restaurant, coffee shop, bank, auto dealer, grocery store, or any niche business with an offline location) Waze was filled with amazing advertising opportunities, heck just look at some of earlier coverage of their features and updates. But[…]

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