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Webinar | Programmatic: The Granular Way

Join us as we explore the world of Programmatic advertising, The Granular Way. Our expert speakers will share their insights and experiences on how to start or optimize your digital campaigns with Programmatic to achieve the best results. Whether you’re a marketing wizard or just starting out, this webinar is perfect for anyone looking to[…]

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GA4 Webinar: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Your current Google Analytics is going away – but don’t fret, GA4 experts from Granular hosted a webinar to share all of the relevant information you need to know about the switch from Google Analytics to GA4. Check out the webinar below, followed by more in-depth information on key slides and helpful resources. If you[…]

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higher-education webinar with Google

Granular + Google EDU Webinar Recording

From the start, Granular has been a trusted digital marketing partner for colleges and universities around the country and tapped to help drive enrollment, improve efficiency, and bring new students in a measurable and scalable way.  We’ve worked with for-profit and non-profit institutions ranging from small regional colleges to large universities. We have also worked[…]

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