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  • 6 Google Ads Scripts Every Account Should Be Using

    I’m writing this the day after Halloween, which may be the perfect time to talk about Google Ads scripts since it’s a fairly scary subject to most people dealing with accounts.  But let me tell you…it doesn’t have to be.  With such an amazing, sharing community all around us, PPCers aren’t on their own…ever.  Trust me, I don’t know a thing about coding.  But since others do, using scripts for important tasks on accounts has become a copy/paste endeavor for the most part.

    Without scripts, you have to take the time and energy to go and check everything out for yourself.  Not only is this inconvenient, but it also creates major lag time.  What if you made a mistake with something 2 weeks ago and haven’t had the time to check out your account in the last 2 weeks?  You may have made a costly error that you’re not going to catch right away.  But with scripts, you can make sure you do.

    With that said, not every script is for every account.  In the PPC management world, we always say “it depends” because most of the time there are a lot of factors that go into what the best decisions are for particular businesses and accounts.

    But, there are some things where it doesn’t depend.  With some things, no matter what, something needs to be monitored so that you can be saved from some potential big trouble.

    That’s what I want to focus on here.  So far, I’ve implemented some scripts others have created that apply to every account I manage; and should be applied to every account YOU manage.  Here are 6 of them I use…

    Negative Keyword Conflicts

    Adding, moving, excluding…oh my!  With keywords being foundational to Search advertising, it’s inevitable that in the course of moving things around, we’ll make mistakes.  But without some kind of alert, we’ll likely miss the mistake and the associated traffic with the positive keyword we’ve added to an account.

    If we’ve added a keyword to an account, it means we want traffic on it.  But, if there’s a negative keyword blocking it from showing, you won’t get that desired traffic.  If you’re thinking the Google Ads UI already shows you this information, you’d be right.  Except it leaves out if the conflict is coming from an account-level shared negative keyword list.  So, if you’re using those, this script is a must.

    Also, the notification in the UI requires you to go check it.  With this script, you get an email with a populated spreadsheet after the script runs and finds conflicts in your account so you can go fix them and get the traffic you want.