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Webinar | ‘Tis the Season to be PPC Planning for the Holidays

It may only be August and currently in the triple digits here in Milwaukee, but it’s that time of the year to dive into digital media planning for the holidays (Q4) and start looking into 2024. To help get you started Granular’s founder and CEO, Jordon Meyer alongside President, Steve Kroll tap into their 25+[…]

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Ad Campaign vs. Post Boosting

Most of us have seen the Facebook pop-up “This post is doing better than 95% of recent posts. Promote it to reach a wider audience.” While social media platforms offer businesses a range of advertising options to reach their target audience, one question I hear from clients often is, “Should we also be boosting posts[…]

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Change How You Think About Digital – Part 1

The Ecosystem Approach If you have ever chatted with me about digital marketing, you have most likely heard me say (over and over again) that digital marketing is an ecosystem. Over the next few months, I’ll be writing about the ecosystem approach to digital marketing. I’ll tackle all the components of the marketing ecosystem, what[…]

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