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Google Invited us to their Mountain View Campus to Talk Higher Ed PPC Marketing

Deep Expertise in Higher Education Marketing

Granular was founded by a higher education PPC expert, Jordon Meyer, and employs only Senior PPC Experts. From the start, Granular has been a trusted digital marketing partner for colleges and universities around the country and tapped to help drive enrollment, improve efficiency, and bring new students in a measurable and scalable way. We’ve worked with for-profit and non-profit institutions ranging from small regional colleges to large universities. We have a track recorded for delivering the results that matter most to enrollment and marketing teams. We’re quick, nimble, down to earth and deliver an incredible value to our partners.

  • PPC Management & Paid Social Media

    1. World-class SEM Strategy and Management
    2. Account Architecture Built for Universities
    3. Quality Score and KPI Optimization to Lower Costs
    4. Facebook, Instagram, + Social ads to Nurture Prospects
    5. Audience Optimization and Geo Fencing
  • BI, Analytics & Reporting

    1. Advanced Reporting Tailored for Higher-ed
    2. Insights into Enrollment and Application Cost Efficiency
    3. Cost-Per-Start Measurement
    4. Full Transparency and Account Ownership
    5. Google Tag Manager and Tracking Technology Set up

See How Granular Can Partner With You

Some of the Colleges and Universities Granular has Helped

Higher Education SEM Case Study

  • Download Our Higher Education PPC Case Study

    1. Midwest University Drives High Quality Leads While Reducing Overall Budget
    2. Cost Per Enrollment -41%
    3. Local Leads +91%
    4. Comprehensive Audit Sets Foundation for High Performing PPC Campaigns
    5. Dramatic budget reduction led to an increase in leads

How We Work With Our Clients

We typically work with higher education institutions in a few ways:

  • PPC and Paid Social Management

    We’ll work directly with your marketing and enrollment teams to understand your goals and build a comprehensive paid digital media plan. We can start small and scale up, or jump right into existing PPC accounts to improve results.

  • Paid Digital Media Audit

    We’ll enlist our team of senior-level account managers to audit your current digital media efforts. Our audits often uncover strategies that are working well, areas of opportunity, and places where your budget can be used more efficiently. A full-scale audit is often the first step before taking over management of PPC accounts; providing a road map for the on-boarding process and setting us up for success.

  • Free Account Audit

    While not as comprehensive as a paid audit, free account audits look into your Google Ads account and can call out quick wins, opportunities, and uncover red flags to see how your account is really performing. All we need is 48 hours of access to your ad account to produce our custom audit.

  • PPC Consulting

    If a higher education institution chooses to manage their PPC accounts in-house, Granular can be a trusted partner to add expert level direction for the internal team. Consulting sessions can happen as often as needed. Quarterly or monthly consulting is the most popular option. Our findings and expert direction always pays for itself. 

See How Granular Can Partner With You

  • Optimized for Degree Programs

    Undergraduate or graduate school programs all have specific needs and goals. Granular runs campaigns to drive enrollment for specific programs or boosting awareness for undergraduate admissions.

    1. Nursing Degrees
    2. Graduate Programs
    3. MBA Programs
    4. Non-traditional Student Expertise
    5. Certification Programs
    6. New and Specialized Degrees

  • Specific Geo Targeting

    PPC campaigns can often have geotargeting that does not match university marketing goals. Granular will work with your enrollment team to find the best locations for your campaigns to reach the right audience.

    1. “Geofencing” and Hyper-Local Ads
    2. The Right Location with the Right Message
    3. Demographic Optimization
    4. Lower cost per enrollment

  • Grow Your Marketing Funnel

    Higher education marketing can be a long sales cycle with multiple touch points. We measure as many micro-conversions as possible to help you visualize and grow your marketing funnel. The more we know how your audience interacts with your content; the more you’ll know about how to nurture the best leads to enrollment.

    1. Measuring micro conversions to identify quality leads
    2. Remarketing to high-quality leads
    3. Build the top of the funnel with awareness campaigns
    4. Turn leads into applications with high-intent search ads

  • Custom Dashboard, Analytics and ROI Analysis

    Tracking is key to measuring ROI. Our team is Google Analytics certified and experts in reporting campaign data in a way you can understand. If you don’t have the proper analytics in place, we can help install it. If your current installation isn’t working, we can fix it.

    1. Customization of Google Analytics set up
    2. Custom Marketing Dashboards for multiple levels of your organization
    3. Data-mining and research to find deep insights
    4. Reporting customized to your top KPIs

Let’s Get Granular with Your Higher-ed Marketing