A new way to buy reservation ads in Google ads

Dec 18, 2023

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04/19/24 - Granular

In an effort to make more Youtube ads products available for self-service-buying, we’ve launched an easier way to buy reservation media in Google Ads. This launch includes easy, self-service setup for:

  • YouTube Select Lineups*
  • YouTube Select Short Lineups*
  • YouTube TV Lineups*
  • Cost Per-Impression Masthead*
  • Standard Run of Youtube reservation (formerly known as Instant Reserve

*Dependent on availability in your local market

Buying in Google Ads allows you to plan, buy, and measure across auction and reservation campaigns in one buying door. Reservations in Google Ads also offers digital innovations, like advanced audiences, alongside more traditional buying constructs, like fixed CPMs.

We are committed to making more of our products available for direct self-service implementation.

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